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One New Man, A TJCII Documentary Series Soundtrack

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About Jared M. Lane

Award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Jared Lane composes for film and TV out of his studio in the heart of the Rockies in Colorado. His music has gained recognition on both the national and global stage.


Jared has developed a broad and diverse portfolio, writing for various projects, including the heist film Stealing the Show, the award winning thriller TV series Fragment, the award winning documentary One New Man documentary Series, The Quest for the Throne of God, featuring Kevin Sorbo, and dramas such as the award winning Unfailing Love and The Uncivil War. Jared has also worked on major motion pictures, including Starbright as the score supervisor and production assistant for the orchestral recordings in Prague, Czechia. 


Jared's musical style stems from romantic era techniques wrapped in a modern sound pallet. Jared uses themes and melodies that develop with the characters to tell the stories he is privileged to tell. In addition, Jared's upbringing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado colors his music with a warm and wholesome quality.

By studying music composition with award-winning composers, Dr. Seth Custer for his bachelor's and Ludek Drizhal for his master's, Jared learned the craft of film scoring. In addition, by assistant directing operas and musicals in college, Jared learned how to manage entire production departments.


In addition to composing, Jared is active in his community’s music scene. There he performs and teaches, passing on what he has learned to the next generation of musicians.

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