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Mission Statement

We are an independent film company.  It is our belief that entertainment should be fun and filmmaking shouldn't be scary for filmmakers and actors that want to practice and hone their craft.  Stories are meant to be entertaining, not to be used as a tool to create social reform or to shame movie lovers.  Movie fans don't want to be preached at, they just want to be entertained.  Sometimes we do need to hold a mirror up to the face of society, not as a weapon, but as a way to show people a better way to live.  We desire to bring hope to those that don't know where to find hope.  It is the goal of Rabbit Trail Productions and Cole Dempsey Productions to provide movie loving fans, entertainment for the sake of entertainment.  

Fun Stuff

Behind the Scenes, Making the Music of One New Man

Behind the Scenes, Making the Music of One New Man

Watch Now

Check out this behind the scenes look at the making of one of the songs from our docuseries, One New Man, composed and directed by the very talented Jared Lane!

Behind the scenes video for our documentary, One New Man.

Hannah & Cole Dempsey (Founders/Owners of Rabbit Trail Productions) joins Morning Moments.

This video is Cole Dempsey's acting demo reel.  It features clips from the films Unsung Hero, Ann's Homecoming, and my short film, Glimpse.

Just a little commercial I got a chance to be in for Drive on TEXPRESS commercial, filmed at North Lake College, Dallas, TX.